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A 100% transparent view into your 340B program, allowing you to maximize claim capture and monitor overall program compliance

Wellpartner Reporting & Dashboard

Are you…

Looking for complete transparency into your claim capture? Needing to monitor overall program performance?

Transparency that drives 340B value.

CLARITY is Wellpartner’s 100% transparent view into all aspects of your 340B program. Access and view data collected from all sources for analysis and reporting on opportunities to maximize claims capture, optimizing your 340B program, and overall program performance and compliance.

Pending Claims:

Having a complete view of your pending claims, down to the individual claim detail provides 2 key benefits: saving money and mitigating risk. You have full control to validate encounter and Rx claims entered into the system. This capability allows you to identify reasons the claim was flagged, and the ability to accept or reject and ultimately carve in pending claims to drive program value.

Audit Support:

Compliance and audit-readiness are critical for a successful 340B program. Be confident in complying with 340B requirements, as you access all claims data including patient and prescriber information that can be used for internal auditing and validation of claims qualification. With CLARITY, you can generate a self-audit of randomly selected claims based on your own parameters that meet HRSA audit requirements. The ability to save audit results provides documentation of program integrity.

Be confident…we can help. For more info or to schedule a demo:

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