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I’ve been notified of a HRSA audit. How do I best prepare?

The best preparation for a HRSA audit begins with a well-administered 340B program. Wellpartner’s Client Audit Readiness Profile (CARP) supports covered entities throughout program participation, from guidance on creating and executing policies and procedures, to walking you through a simulated audit, based on actual past HRSA audits our team members have participated in.

Do I have to submit any documents or data?

Yes, HRSA will make a data request that involves submitting your policies and procedures, vendor agreements, and claims data. Wellpartner will provide you with a documentation binder so you’re ready well in advance of the audit.

What can I expect from a HRSA audit?

Each audit will vary. The one constant is that HRSA will request key data, as well as review a number of your 340B claims to check data integrity and compliance with program requirements. Using your actual 340B claims, we can walk you through several simulated audits based on our past experience with HRSA audits.

I’m new to 340B. Where can I get help to create a compliant program?

Resources to help create a compliant 340B program can be found on various websites, including HRSA, OPA and Apexus. You can be confident in Wellpartner’s services as they are supported by our Client Audit Readiness Profile.

Should I be doing internal audits?

We recommend that you undertake internal audits, on a monthly or quarterly basis, that support your policies and procedures. We can help you establish that process, and can provide audit criteria and templates.

I have multiple administrators that use different claims qualifications processes. How do I know they are using best practices, so that my program is compliant, while also maximizing revenue?

We’ve got you covered, when it comes to ensuring 340B program compliance; our unprecedented service analyzes claims from multiple administrators, then identifies and determines claims not meeting eligibility requirements. Our services ensure compliance, enhance transparency, simplify program oversight and improve audit readiness.

Will Wellpartner be on-site during my HRSA audit?

Yes, a member of our audit team will be onsite during the audit. We will also provide pre-audit support. We’ve got you covered when it matters most.

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